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Do you look for a fast, cheap and, above all, efficient way of processing and shredding of bulky waste? Our offer will certainly meet your expectations. We provide professional services using a modern shredder for bulky waste. We can provide a mobile device to any place in Poland and guarantee the efficiency of its operation. This device can meet all expected effects connected with the realization of the task entrusted to us.

Excellent performance and wide options of application of the shredder

We propose, as part of our rental service, a modern shredder for bulky waste Lindner Urraco 75 D. The high torque of the machine's engine and two powerful shredding shafts guarantee excellent performance in any conditions. We are involved in processing of municipal and bulky waste, including shredding and grinding of wood and branches. The efficiency of the machine depends on the type of waste that are shredded.

We provide shredding of the following wastes:

  • municipal and green waste in the form of wood and branches
  • bulky waste
  • waste from recyclable materials such as rubber, plastic, glass, aluminum

Our machine has 275 kW of power generated from the SCANIA DC09 diesel engine which is reliable and resistant to the most hard work conditions. This power unit is very economical and significantly reduces the costs of the entire machine and at the same time is safe for the environment, meeting the stringent EURO IV exhaust emission standards.

An important advantage of our equipment is the special magnetic separator. Thus, the machine can separate iron material, transferring it to a chute for metal waste during the shredding of waste. The separator consists of a strong magnet with adjusted height, which is put directly above the belt conveyor.

The bulky waste shredder Lindner Urraco 75 D is equipped with precise control system, and thus it is possible to control very precisely the size of the separated materials after shredding of waste. The machine is a container structure, so it can move easily in any site as well as it can be transferred even at very long distances.

Our offer

Our services are dedicated not only to waste disposal companies, which through shredding take up much less space in the landfill site. The waste treatment process is also necessary for the recycling and production of alternative fuels, where wood, paper is used. We have a modern machine with a wide range of configuration options and we are able to meet all expectations. At the same time we guarantee fast performance of orders at affordable prices.

Shredding of municipal waste

We have no trouble shredding municipal waste, which characteristic feature is a mixture of organic and fine fractions. The processing of waste is always fast and very economical.

Shredding of green waste

Green waste is used, for example, for the production of bio-fuels or compost. Our equipment will successfully shred branches, shrubs, garden waste, and even with small trunks.

Shredding of bulky waste

Solid shredding shafts can cope with various types of bulky waste. Thanks to the of magnets, it can easily catch and separate metal elements from such waste.

A professional staff

Let the machine to be operated by professional operators. Our offer guarantees extraordinary flexibility of our services. We always try to satisfy all our clients` needs perfectly.

We process the majority of municipal and bulky waste, including aluminum and wood and we are able to adjust the machine so that the final product meets the standards required by the employer.

As part of our rental of shredder, we also provide support of our experienced employees. The staff of operators will not only care about the efficiency of work and proper adjustment of the machine, but will also take care of the highest possible level of security during the implementation of entrusted tasks. Our employees have extensive knowledge and wide range of experience in this industry, and regularly participate specialist training courses to improve their competences.

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Our flexible and modern company with a many years of experience will certainly meet all your expectations. We encourage you to contact our employees right now. We are able to undertake even the most difficult tasks and we can always transport our equipment to every corner of the country in accordance with the created schedule.

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During telephone contact, our employees will scrupulously explain the scope of services, answer any questions and dispel possible doubts. Our wide range of experience in shredding of bulky waste allows us to provide technical support services. We help to choose the best form of municipal waste treatment or branch shredding, which will be perfectly tailored to your specific needs. We can also guarantee attractive prices, regardless of the scope of orders and the working time of our staff.

Of course, we always determine the prices for our services individually. Our employees can estimate the cost of the order now. You must only contact us and provide a detailed description of the scope of required works. We prepare the price list for free and does not oblige you to anything. We invite you to contact us!